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A cup of coffee... it's so freakin' cold outside today and I just took a chill during the walks to and from my parking garage (I have about 7 blocks between it and my building) today that I couldn't shake it after I got home. Still feel like my toes are made of ice, but I'm warming up some. :)

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For those of you who remember me from years past, I now strictly bartend. I'm on vacation but I would normally be behind the bar working tonight & working on my first drinks of the evening.

I should be having a Blue Moon ( a Belgian style citrus flavored beer ) with a splash of X-Rated Blood Orange infused Vodka ( the combo tastes great & will seriously fuck you up after three). I could also go for a Blue Moon with a snifter of Grand Marnier on the side or if I really don't care what condition I would leave in, a snifter of B&B.

As it is I'm drinking a Snapple Peach Ice Tea.

Screw it, I've been sober for a week. I'm going to open up that bottle of Malbec. Mmmmm... nice & "oakey".

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Red wine. delicious.

I really never did enjoy red wine, which is a shame. I understand it would enhance a lot of the foods I really enjoy.

I'm definitely a white wine person, though. I like a good riesling. And our local vineyard actually has a quite tasty vignoles, and a delicious edelweiss.

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Well, I'm comin' over for drinks then!

It's funny, but my favorite riesling to date comes in a green bottle with a bunch of German writing on the label, and costs about $7 at the grocery store. I'm such a cheap date.

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1. Newcastle Brown Ale

2. Myer's Rum & Coke

3. Pink Princess (can't remember what was in it...one of those fruity things)

4. Pear Cider (yum!)

The Newcastle I had at Hooley's Irish Pub, and the other three I had a few hours later at the Pink Elephant bar (isn't that the best name ever?). I had a good time the other night. :D

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had another vanilla vodka/Coke tonight. It's been a ritual lately, my wife and I sit in the living room in front of the Christmas tree and fireplace, she has a glass of white wine (pinot grigio or reisling) and I have a vodka/Coke.

The major decision I'm contemplating right now...we're throwing a New Year's Eve party at our house, and shall I drink beer or mixed drinks that night? Hmm, not sure...

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