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Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th


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“We thought this might be lost forever, but we’ve rediscovered it, re-mixed it. It’s of great historical importance.
We’re delighted to see the release.”

- Jim McCarty, Chris Dreja and Jimmy Page


2 x Heavyweight 180g Vinyls
1 x Art book with liner notes from The Yardbirds
1 x Double gatefold sleeve
1 x Slipcase


Train Kept A Rollin’
Mr, You’re A Better Man Than I
Heart Full of Soul
Dazed And Confused
My Baby
Over Under Sideways Down
Drinking Muddy Water
Shapes of Things
White Summer
I’m A Man (contains Moanin’ And Sobbin’)

Avron Knows
Spanish Blood
Knowing That I’m Losing You (Tangerine)
Taking A Hold On Me
Drinking Muddy Water (Version Two)
My Baby
Avron’s Eyes
Spanish Blood (Instr.)

Pre-order open now
Release date: 5th November 2017
Available exclusively via JimmyPage.com



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1 hour ago, thozil said:

Interesting that Knowing That I'm Losing You (Tangerine) is being finally being released. 

Holy sh*t! Never thought that particular track would see official release. The original show freshly mixed without the crowd noise, plus those studio tracks? I am soooo in!

I really hope they didn't dynamically crush the new mix/mastering - and I really, really hope they added a touch of reverb to Relf's voice to smooth it out slightly; it's a great show but his voice is in rough shape.

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I also hope Jimmy left in some of Relf's commentary such as these gems.

"This next piece features Jimmy, completely.  I thought you'd like that, so I'll just wander off  and leave the whole stage to Jimmy Page."

"When we released this song people said we could never, ever recreate the solo part on stage.  Well, we have a very good try at least, Jimmy, magic fingers, the grand sorcerer of the magic guitar - Shapes of Things!"

"The guitar is being tuned down, for those of you interested in how sounds are 'got'."

"This is a very, very recognizable hit.  I'd like you to join in if you can, where you can shout the appropriate 'heys', you'll soon know where - I'll tell you.  It starts like this."

Then after the song he says "Nostalgia" for a TWO YEAR OLD SONG

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15 minutes ago, SteveAJones said:

That jam in Reno with Solid Ground was actually released years ago on a bootleg cd titled Up In Smoke, among others.

Didn't know that. Surprised led zep news treated it like it was something newly discovered.

edit: it's an extended version of the show.

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I noticed you do not have to sign in anymore with a username and password in order to order anything from Jimmy's site. I used to not like that, because I really didn't log into it that often and would always forget my password. It's more convenient now to order.

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$28.99 for the double CD. November 5, can't wait.  Also finally decided to bite the bullet and get the Soundtracks set, so looking forward to that as well. 

I do wish they were still playing "Glimpses" on this tour, but even moreso that the official recording of the 'byrds had happened later in the tour (I guess it shows how wrongheaded Epic was about things back than, even before they added the annoyingly silly crowd noise). And "Live at Anderson Theater" was always just half a show.  The Shrine Auditorium (L.A.) shows in June were stunningly good, judging by the bootleg, and by then they were doing a roaring evolved version of "Smokestack Lightening" where they lay the blueprint for "How Many More Times" before revving up into VU's "I'm Waiting for the Man" (off the Nico record) where Page rips out these great slabs of guitar noise. You really see how great the yardbirds were on the L.A. bootleg ... if only the Anderson was a magical night.  Wish Grant and Epic had arranged a few "Farwell NY" sets to be replace the Anderson recording, but, again, I guess Jimmy and Chris were the only ones really up for that sort of thing in June ..

All that bullshit filed, I'm ecstatic that Jimmy and Chris and Jim got this done for us!!!:hurrah:

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7 hours ago, The Only Way To Fly said:

Ya but don't you get Jimmy's autograph along with it? Whatever's included in this deluxe version 400 pounds is ridiculous!

I actually find it quite offensive to the fans. Ok I accept that a box set with 2 lps, two CDs, and a duluxe hardback book will be expensive but that pretty much what we got with the Zep super deluxe sets for a quarter of the price! Ok they weren't signed but £300 for three old men's scribble? 

In all honesty I'd love to have the special edition, it sounds like a really nice package, but it's priced in such a way that I couldn't justify forking out for it even if I could afford it. It stinks of greed and exploitation.

I'm disappointed with you Jimmy!

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