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Yardbirds '68 out Nov 5th

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Replacement discs are on the way, an SHF member has received his.

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have listened to CD several times now. Here are my thoughts.  

1. This is first time I’ve heard this show. I’ve avoided it in the past because of reputation, and because let’s be honest, the Yardbirds weren’t a band that you could listen to in poor quality.  

2. It’s the sound of Jimmy dragging 3 lesser musicians to places they’d never thought of.  

3. This is a MUST have for any Page fan. It is really refreshing to hear a young, razor sharp, focused and sober Jimmy just tearing everything up. His tone is Psychedelic and glorious, and his playing is fantastic. This is without question the best capture of Jimmys proto Zep fuzz sound on record. It’s almost like Zeppelin .5

4. Relf is actually ok! His vocals are smoother and harmonica is mixed where it should be, no shrillness.

5. McCarty ain’t much of a drummer, but it’s ok.

6. The White Summer on here in SUBLIME. May be my fave version ever. Again, Jimmy just wow. Play this and then play Berlin 80 next to it and use it for Anti Drug message. Hard to believe. 

7. Studio outtakes are fun !

8. Spanish Blood favorite by far. Why Jimmy why don’t you do more stuff like this? You’re GREAT at Spanish style guitar. I could listen to him do Faux flamenco all damn day. 

9. Avron Knows outtro solo are you kidding me? Jimmy Dazed time, great stuff.

10. My Baby Wah Wah Vibrato organ sounds YES!

This whole set has put a smile on my face. It will get repeated plays, especially Live Disc. I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed hearing Jimmy so young and fresh and sharp. No sticky fingers, just energy and focus, and damn he had KILLER VIBRATO technique.


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On 12/23/2017 at 8:51 AM, JTM said:

Postie has just delivered my fixed disc..


I just got mine too two days ago. :)


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Just got mine today and damn, what a cracker! Jimmy really sounds good however what really stands out, to me that is, are the other three. So used to hearing Page with Zep live, four equal parts that live Yardbirds 68' though very good, is lacking, most noticeably the drumming. A case in point is D&C at Anderson vs. D&C in 69' with Zep. The drums really make the song come alive and add a much needed dimension lacking with the Yardbirds. Regarding the live set, Page really rips it up on Over Under Sideways Down and Drinking Muddy Water. Also, shout out to My Baby. I think Zeppelin would have done a great job with this song. Completely out of their zone but Robert's voice would have made this song a classic.

I am not trying to be a dick but McCarty, Dreja, & Relf are no Bonham, Jones, and Plant by any stretch. McCarty stands out the most though. He is without a doubt a good drummer but several times he almost loses the beat or simply forgets where he is at. He recovers really well every time but it is there way too frequently. Dreja was a pretty solid bass player and I can see why Page initially wanted to keep him for Zeppelin. Relf's only solid contribution seems to be harp as he is a good harp player, but his voice is very limited and at this show tired sounding as well. Page was just too much for them IMO, too much virtuosity, too much innovation. It would be like John 5 playing in Radiohead. Radiohead are great musicians but John 5 is on a whole different level, just like Page & the Yardbirds.

The outtakes are the best songs this version of the Yardbirds ever did. Spanish Blood, Avron Knows, and especially Taking a Hold on Me. That last song is my hands down favorite and a truly great song. 

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