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John Davis is "Mastering" Led Zeppelin

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I am very much hoping it’s live. Any guesses as to what it could be? If the picture is any indication, maybe we’d be getting something from ‘75 (Earl’s Court?). If not, maybe a remastered How the West Was Won? I’m dying to know now, more Zeppelin in any capacity can only be a good thing

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1 hour ago, reids said:

Set List & Photos from January 31, 1975:


Old Forum Page had photos/videos deleted (interesting):


Photos are probably still on the Photobucket site.... but Photobucket abruptly changed their linking policy this Summer, so now each user has to pay big bucks to allow their photos stored on Photobucket  be linked out, hence the message about 3rd party hosting...

As to the picture in question in this thread, I'm going to assume this an encore picture, where security lightens up and allows the fans to crowd the stage in front of those with the front row seats.

IF, John is only mastering that one show, then that would mean no D&C from 1975, which I particularly like. But, perhaps he's mastering a Best Of from 1975... ??


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Logic would dictate if it is from 75' it would have to be a best of Earls Court. The complete concert made up of the best songs over the five nights as, to my knowledge, these were the only professionally recorded gigs of the tour.

Another, possibly stronger possibility would be a best of 79' with the majority coming from Aug 4th Knebworth with patches (or whole songs) from the July 24th Copenhagen gig plus that amazing, over the top Communication Breakdown from the 11th.

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I actually hope its not a "greatest hits". More an Earls Court or other specific event or live run that is mastered and released as a celebration of that specific run or tour, and also as a 'lets test the waters' for further releases. 2018 - the year of Led Zeppelin!

Surely there MUST be enough live stuff in the vaults to warrant a series of releases.

THAT - is my hope.

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3 hours ago, Mook said:

I wouldn't read too much into the photo.

My hope is that it's the live 'greatest hits' we've all been hoping for, I have my doubts though.

Agreed RE the photo - I think people are getting too hung up on it when it's probably something John just grabbed from Google Images.

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50 minutes ago, sixpense said:

Led Zep News said it was deleted. I wonder if he lost a job?

He done exactly the same thing in 2014 with the remasters so Page would've probably jibbed him off then & never worked with him again if he was upset about it.

It's likely a planned method of building up the hype, it's certainly worked on here anyway.

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Most of us have a collection of live stuff. . If anything I hope its not early 75 as Percy got sick and the shows are below par at that time. I can hope hope the 3 shows of EC that are sub par recordings can be polished or JP has multi track or something but even EC was underwhelming. . I really dont want a best of live but whole shows. . bum notes and all. . shows or recordings not already on the "market" . . my 2 cents:)

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