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Can anyone help identify this... is it real? Or worth nothing?


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Can anyone tell me if this posterboard is real? Yes it is a posterboard.. not your regular "poster."  The old man that i got it from years ago said he pulled it from a venue in NYC in the 70s. Thanks for any help!!


Bottom right hand corner reads

G.B. Posters, Sheffield, England. Tel: 0742 767 454. Made in Great Britain.



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The second photo with the fine print is blurred and unreadable. Regardless, this is basically a souvenir item that would have been sold in a record store, etc. I've seen the same image on postcard-sized prints. Given the pinhole and corner damage I'd estimate it's value at no more than $25.00, perhaps a little more if the the fine print substantiates that it dates back to the 1970s or was produced by an established, reputable licensee. 

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I've lived in Sheffield my whole life (unfortunately!), but had never heard of GB Posters.
A quick google shows they still exist (as part of GB Eye Ltd) and a quick check on the Companies House site shows that they started up as 'Dancemarket Ltd' in 1992
and changed their name to GB Posters and Publications Ltd by the end of that year.
The poster has the old Sheffield 0742 dialling code on it - which changed to 0114 in 1995.
All of which suggests that the poster was produced between Dancemarket changing their name to GB Posters in '92 and the dialling code changing in '95.
Which makes it unlikely that the old guy told you the truth about the poster being removed from a wall in NYC in the 1970s, I guess!
Ah well...sorry, Mike!

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