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:) Hey everyone!

   I'm very very new {first day!} and may have a dilemma here...

   I'm actually working on a script for an animated film about Led Zeppelin right now. The film itself is called "Friends". I can't give too many details yet. Except to say that right now my timeline falls between Jan of 1969 and Jan 1970. So here's the dilemma...

   Looking for the full lyrics to Led Zeppelin's version of 'Down The Line' {also called 'I Gotta Move'}. This is the only high quality version of this song that I found:


   Any ideas??.

Get back to me on this!



PS: Sorry about color change and font resize. I'm sight impaired.  :) 

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What I hear:

Seen a little girl walkin' down the street

She looks so pretty, she's sweet enough to eat

I want that woman, my, my, my

and once again there's an evil look that's in my eye

I said mama, mama, what can I do?

I been tryin' that eyewash but it just won't do

I said hey, hey baby, what's goin' on?

Your mama been talkin' about boogie-in', all night long...


Ahhh.... Boogie Children...

Everybody, Boogie!


Well mama she told me, papa did too 

Way that ya move, it's no good for you, 

Ya gotta move

Ya gotta move

You got to move further on down the line

I told my baby, late last night

The way that you move, don't do me right

Ya gotta move

Ya gotta move

You got to move further on down the line

Boogie one time!


Me and my baby bought a V8 Ford

Shiftin' gears on the runnin' boards

She got ta' Bottle Up and Go

She got ta' Bottle Up and Go

She High Flyin' Baby

Sure got ta' Bottle Up and Go

Two old ladies, sittin' in the sand

Each one wishin that the other was a man

She's got a High Flyin' Mama

She's got a High Flyin' Baby

She's a High Flyin' Mama

Sure got ta' Bottle Up and Go


Hey, hey baby, come here quick

The way that you're movin', gonna make me sick


Leave her alone, leave my woman alone...


Some of the songs referenced:



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:D Thanks Sathington!!

   Btw everybody. This is going to be a 3D animation film. So below are visual rough drafts of the musicians themselves. I'm getting by with Adobe Fuse right now. So in the case of Plant, the representation might be more of a similarity to photographs taken in the mid 1970s. I'm taking college courses in computer animation right now. So once I'm done with prerequisites, then I will learn how to make the chars and other things from scratch. Worst case scenario I will ask a fellow student to collaborate with me on creating them. Until then let me know what you think!


FreedomDylan :D 

PAGEY IN 1969.png

BEDWIR 1969.png

JONESY IN 69.png

BONZO 1969.png

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Great song by Zeppelin by the way. The verse," two old ladies sittin in the sand each one wishin the other was a man" was borrowed from the lyrics of a song called Cumberland Gap by Lonnie Donegan back in the early 50s. Zeppelins influences were widespread especially their blues coming from muddy Waters and as you pointed out, Johnny Lee Hooker. There were many other blues artists and folk artists as well who influenced their creativity. Thanks for this.

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