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Besides 6/22/77, is there a live version of Stairway where Page starts immediately into the solo?


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8 hours ago, mickey g said:

I sorta brought this up in this thread. My post is fifth from the bottom on Page 1. Hope it helps !

Thanks for that! So I guess from the lack of responses that 6/22/77 is indeed the only live version where Page does this? Seems really strange and kind of random that he would do it this one time and never do it again.

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16 minutes ago, mickey g said:

I guess you'd have to listen to every Stairway to know for sure. :stereo:


I've never heard the 6/22/77 show that I can remember, so I'll be giving it a listen soon. Thanks for the heads up !

No problem! The 6/22/77 show is incredible. The sound quality is a bit rough, but the performance is fantastic. It contains my all-time favorite versions of In My Time of Dying, Over the Hills and Far Away, and Achilles Last Stand and the longest No Quarter ever (35 minutes!). When all is said and done, I actually think it's even better than Listen to this Eddie and For Badgeholders Only.

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