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Earl's Court 25/05 best version


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Just wondering what the best version of this show is? 

Some time ago I acquired Conquistador which seems to be a highly regarded release, but I was underwhelmed. The mix on it seems wrong. Even though it's a soundboard, Page seems way down in the mix and Plant is front and centre in a way that sounded odd. 

Is this a problem with that particular soundboard or are better releases of it available? 


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Agree 100%. For me Liriodendron's "Keep Taking the Pills" is #1 (just listen to Bonham's drums on "Kashmir" and you'll see why I love it), with Bluecongo's "King Jimmy" my #2 favorite.

Lirio's is a soundboard remaster, while Bluecongo's is a matrix: soundboard and audience sources synchronized with each other and mixed together. 

Which one you like better probably will come down to your personal preferences, e.g. whether you prefer ambience to be added to the base soundboard source via the addition of the audience source (Bluecongo's matrix), or via added reverb and other remastering techniques (Lirio's version).

But these definitely are the best two versions, and I daresay it's just a waste of time to download any other version.

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