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When the news came out that Jimmy Page has some more goodies for us Led~heads to digest. I admit I was excited. Having bought all the new remastered catalog with companion disc. I felt I had everything I needed from official led zeppelin merchandise.  When I saw that the first bit of official led zeppelin stuff was an illustrated book, I was boo hoo about that. Their is already some great illustrated books on zeppelin ready to buy if the looker took the time to search for it. So it got me thinking. Is Jimmy Page double dipping on his fan base that I take is still quite big? What more can Page release that would fill the need for me to buy it? Video have been talked about for years. Would I want to watch another mixed and matched Zeppelin concert? If that is what is coming out, it should be when Zeppelin was in their hunger years, with that do or die attitude they had from 69'-72. Zeppelin between these years were at a special place. Testing the limits on what is rock blues to sonic bombardment. I am not saying Zeppelin in latter years was not good. Though a strong argument can be made that Zeppelin from 1973-77 were not the same band. Many factors have already been explained why the decrease in techniques in playing. Page has been quoted saying "zeppelin most creative period was from 70-72"  

SO in closing, if Mr. Page has something from this time frame that really catches the fire of a rising dominate Led Zeppelin, either in Audio or video. By all means release it. If it just a mix bag of best of led zeppelin live. Keep it locked up.


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