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The Evolution Of The Drum Set


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17 hours ago, redrum said:

When I watched 'Beware Of Mr. Baker' I was pretty shocked and never knew he had such a bad temper. Great documentary though.

I've seen the previews but have yet to see the film.He really is a cranky old bugger!

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On 10/15/2018 at 7:00 AM, redrum said:

I haven't watched it much, but will get into it soon as I'm trying to read and learn Art Bernstein's snare solos from Drumhead magazine. They're quite a challenge and fun.


My original teacher is on long service leave overseas so as his fill in I chose a guy who went to Juilliard although that's not why I chose him.It's because he was my old percussion teacher and he knows his stuff but he's cruisey too.

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