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Jimmy Page would bite the strings


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Brennan: “Jimmy used to bite the strings of his guitar a lot. It must have been quite painful! This was a phenomenal show; there was such energy. I can see why someone would want to throw a TV out of the window after a gig like that. I didn’t really take much notice of the stories of trashing hotel rooms, but I can see why they’d need to go potty and release their energy after the show.” (Photo: ©Michael Brennan/Proud Galleries)


Above you will see a photo and below it a caption which describes that Page would "bite the strings of his guitar a lot." This is the first time I have ever heard that! In fact, I am not sure if I believe it! That said, the guy who took the photo was there, and presumably saw more than one show, so I also can't think of a reason to distrust a firsthand account. Just wondering if anyone else can confirm?

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3 hours ago, Crimson Avenger said:

Nobody has ever bitten their guitar strings, not more than once anyway! Even Hendrix (who got the idea off Buddy Guy btw) was only pretending.

Hendrix wasn't pretending, he played with his teeth almost every gig. Not really "biting", more like plucking, but yeah...

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