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Greetings from North Carolina

The Slug Man

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Hello, everyone, I'm new to this forum as a "member" but I've been lurking off and on for a long time. I'm from North Carolina and have been a LZ fan since I was 15, in 1987. I remember taping The Song Remains the Same off MTV (on Beta!) and watching it all the time.

The order I got the albums:

LZ IV-"Borrowed" from a friend and never gave it back



LZ II and Houses on the same day--the first day of summer, as I recall. to this day, I always think of "Houses" as their bright and sunny, "summer" album, No Quarter notwithstanding

PG-my favorite

Presence-Got it on a rainy day. To this day, it's their "rainy day" album.

ITTOD-Got it on the same day as Black Sabbath's Sabotage

Coda-My 1st girlfriend got it for me for Christmas

I was in college when the 1st boxed set came out in 1990.

Other bands in my top 10: Deep Purple/Black Sabbath/King Crimson/Free/Yes/Whitesnake/Rainbow/Van Halen/Black Oak Arkansas

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