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Anyone know what album cover looks similar to Physical Graffiti? Hint- Zep opened for them in 69.


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1 hour ago, gibsonfan159 said:

Umm, I think HOTH trumps them both. 

Nothing trumps the original Virgin Killer album cover. It is banned in almost every country on earth and even the band themselves have come out against it. I don't know if you have seen it but be careful if you choose to look it up as it is considered child pornography.

IMO there is nothing wrong with the HOTH cover art as the children are 2 and 5 and shown in an obviously playful manner. It is very innocent. In fact, the album cover is simply a recreation of the original back cover art for Arthur C Clarke's Childhood's End novel, superimposed over the Giant's Causeway in Ireland. They used a brother and sister for the shoots and just multiplied them on the cover. The inner gatefold depicts an adult man and woman (but you already knew that).

The difference between the two in design and intent could not be more divergent. HOTH is playful and innocent, akin to naked pictures of your children in the bathtub or running around the back yard. Virgin Killer depicts a naked 11 year old girl, full frontal, in a deliberately provocative pose. Very fucked up IMO.

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45 minutes ago, IpMan said:

IMO there is nothing wrong with the HOTH cover art as the children are 2 and 5 

And nude. Yes, I understand the general concept of the cover and that it represents an alternative artistic viewpoint. But these are the youngest nude children on an album cover since Nevermind. I actually never thought anything of it until I got older and became more aware of pop culture and standards of society. These are naked kids, end of story. 

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