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The Stairway Project Announces: Ten Years Gone Project


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Work has finally been initiated on the Ten Years Gone Project as the Original Stairway Project website expands its mission to take on this second official Zeppelin cover. We are going to be documenting this project on the site as it goes along, posting articles about the research & recor4ding process as well as web-tidbits of note that we find related to Ten Years Gone. Here's the link to the announcement.


Feel free to reach out here if you discover some web content related to Ten Years Gone that you think would be good to feature on the site as well as any suggestions related to the project. We will be trying again to get a studio correct, N4N cover of the song within the limitations of a home studio. As with the Stairway Project, we will share all files and tracks at the end of the project for others to experiment with and use.

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Like the Stairway Project, the Ten Years Gone Project will be doing 2 complete versions of the song; the demo version where all the parts and production techniques get worked out and learned, and then the final version. Here is the link to the demo version which is already complete.


Feel free to contribute or share any info or thoughts you have related to Ten Years Gone.

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