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Weakest Studio Album Opening Track

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On 6/1/2018 at 5:21 PM, SymphonyX said:

Physical Graffiti and Presence are both equally weak

I had to laugh at this because we couldn't be more different in our opinions. It's not that I am right and you are wrong (or vice versa), but we couldn't be anymore different in our takes. Why?......

1) "Physical Graffiti" is my all-time favorite album by any artist in the history of recorded sound. I am dead serious. I also like it 2.5x better than any other LZ record. I think it is an utter masterpiece from top to bottom.

2) Besides "Satisfaction" from the Stones, "Achilles Last Stand" is my all-time favorite song in the history of recorded music by any artist. It is Page's masterpiece. The guitar orchestration still boggles my mind. I like it as the first tune on "Presence." For me "Achilles" represents everything that LZ is about, and it is unmatched as a hard rock song.

As an added bonus, "Presence" is my 2nd favorite LZ record. Of course Page has said at times that he thinks it's their best record too (although he has gone back and forth on this. Sometimes he favors "Graffiti"). Part of it is because many of its songs are not overplayed to death on classic rock radio. Some of the tunes are too long for radio. But for me, for example," "Tea For One" is by far and away LZ's best blues number. Because it was so real. Robert Plant was in living hell psychologically and physically when that song was done, and I can just feel the ache in his voice. And Page did one of the greatest things a musician can do. Instead of exploding into another "Since I've Been Loving You" style guitar solo, he played one of the greatest, understated blues guitar solos of all-time. The song absolutely captures the blues like no other song for me.

The bottom line of all this is that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but while I own close to 10,000 CD's and LP's, I have never come across a band like Zeppelin that has such a divergent set of viewpoints regarding what was the best record, what was the best song, what was the most underrated song, etc." I think even with The Beatles, the greatest pop band of all-time, there is pretty much an agreement with most of their real fans about what is best. I have never known a Beatles fan personally who didn't say that "Rubber Soul," "Revolver," "Sgt. Pepper, "The White Album," or "Abbey Road" wasn't their best album. As soon as I say this, someone will come on here and say "The Beatles For Sale" is their favorite. But I can only talk about people I have met personally. Whereas with LZ, there is a co-worker of mine who only likes one album LZ did, and that's "In Through The Out Door." He's mainly into electronic music. I have also met other LZ fans who rank ITTOD #1, although they dig the band much more than my co-worker.

That is how great Led Zeppelin is. It's the diversity of what people like and dislike. Also, there probably isn't a LZ song that I can say that I HATE. There are Stones tunes I hate. There are Beatles tracks I hate. There are some LZ tunes I don't prefer, but I will never skip past them when playing the CD. They just won't be on my iPod playlist.

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