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Potential Zep Reunion? Probably not.... but Maybe...

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19 hours ago, John M said:

I would like to see that too. I have seen three great episodes of AXS TV's "Classic Albums" lately that could set a blueprint.  Pink Floyd Wish You Were Here (I was amazed at how into it Waters was - he was serious, enthusiastic and reflective - none of his usual vitriol), Rush 2112, and Deep Purple Machine Head.  No stupid road stories and "behind the scenes" nonsense.  Just a clear focus on the music and how it was made, and why.  All three of the episodes are keepers that bear repeat viewings.  All of them have parts where they play back master tapes part by part so you can hear how the tracks were put together.  All of those episodes could have been twice as long.   If you have not seen them, seek them out.

If the surviving members could do something like those, that would be great.    

Classic Albums is (was?) a fantastic series. I saw Ace of Spades and Dark Side of the Moon and only bits and pieces of others. I really should look at ordering or downloading them. And Zep could of course do an episode for every damn album including TSRTS, and the BBC Sessions.

I really don't know why something like this has not already happened. When It Might Get Loud was put out, I really thought that was treading the waters for something substantial about Led Zeppelin and the music.

Will somebody call Cameron Crowe, corner Jimmy, and put something together???? *looking at YOU Sam...

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