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Led Zeppelin II cover.


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5 hours ago, AussieOzzieZeppfan said:

I'm attempting&trying to find to buy the exact&precise type of jacket Bonzo Bonham's wearing on the cover of LZII,

Anyone know what kind/type of Luftwaffe jacket it is&where i can buy one from?,



He's not actually wearing it, his head was superimposed onto a German pilot's body for the purposes of the album cover.

I'm not sure about the jacket, I'm not convinced that it's a regulation Luftwaffe issue jacket to be honest, could just be a coat that the boy bought at the time.

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Mook is right. The original photo shows members of JASTA 11, the famous fighter-pilot-squadron, led by Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen (Der rote Baron). This was WW1 and Pilots often wore individual overcoats. Anyway, similar designed coats were used by the navy also. If you search the net for a short coat with double-row-button bar, you should find something similar.

Here is a link for an authentic german WW1 pilot jacket:  https://www.amazon.de/Noble-House-Fliegerjacke-Lederjacke-Ledermantel/dp/B00UZCPN5A

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