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the best contemporary bands


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You're welcome, I hope you like them :)

They've been playing in theater-type venues in the past two or so years--usually seating about two or three thousand, I think.

hmmmm, no, they haven't. I saw them twice last year at the Mercy Lounge in Nashville and it's a GA venue that holds maybe 500 max. And the awesome thing was, I waited outside for maybe 30 minutes and was first in, so my best friend an I were on the front row both times. Then they played Headliners in Louisville, which is a teeny bit bigger than the Mercy, but still really intimate. Love that place. The first BIG tour they've had other than festivals was the Camel tour this past summer, where they played City Hall in Nashville (a big old warehouse, essentially... holds around 1200, I think?) and I was lucky that I went with three friends who saved a spot in line for me while I drove down after work because the line was wrapped all the way around the building by the time I got there maybe 30 minutes before doors. And Dinosaur Jr opened, a MASSIVELY HUGE band, and they had a BARRIER. They've NEVER had a barrier. I wish they weren't getting so big... It's nicer seeing them in a more intimate setting. On the little shows on the Magic Potion tour, they had a little windows media player-esque light show. :lol: It was kinda pathetic but I missed it lots when they played City Hall. The greatest show, other than the ones at the Mercy Lounge, was the in-store at Grimey's in Nashville. OHMAN. I met them and got them to sign my setlist from the night before. They're SO NICE! And now they don't do that because they're HUGE. I wish it was still like it was 4 years ago when I first started listening to them... but weirdly enough they didn't even get super popular until Magic Potion. :rolleyes:

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