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21 hours ago, rm2551 said:

Fuck mate, you should look her up and surprise her. Tell her of the impact she had. Let her know it was not only deeply felt but immensly important and appreciated. I'd say worth the effort to be able to do that.

I wish I could but that was 42 years ago, I figure she is in her early 70's now and I only remember her first name. However there is the possibility that if the apartment complex is still around (Hinsdale, IL on Echo Lane) that a good PI could track her down from utility records which should still exist. You might be on to something. I think I will check around this weekend to see if anything will come of it.

Thanks for the encouragement

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It's a brilliant track, beautifully played and arranged. They should have done it live in 77. Page's playing and tone are fantastic. I love the way the opening plunges from major to minor... like jumping into a cold swimming pool. I also like the way Page tricks the audience into thinking it's in one key, when actually it's in a different one.

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