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Studio albums - your top 5


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Greetings to all

A fresh start, on this "new" site...just curious on where everyone's pecking order is:


1. Led Zeppelin 1

Perhaps the greatest debut recording ever - gotta love the blues on this one

2. Physical Graffiti

Either side would make a complete "single" album, but together...it's a desert island staple!

3. Presence

What can I say...no keys or acoustic guitars...just straight up R+R

4. IV (Zoso)

When the Levee Breaks is the shit.

5. III

Since I've Been Loving You...one of the finest blues numbers ever written.

Looking forward to the discussions on all the great topics...

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For years and years, I have claimed Physical as my favorite...I guess to get away from the "boring" answer of the fourth album. But, I declared November Led Zeppelin month (for obvious reasons) on my blog and I've been listening to and critiquing each album in order.

As part of this experience, I listened to the fourth album all the way through for the first time in quite awhile. It sounded fantastic...enough to make me reconsider my position....

Anyway, here's what I think...at the moment.

1. The fourth album

Black Dog, Levee, Stairway, California...oh, and the other tracks are pretty good, too.

2. Physical Graffiti

A few tracks I could do without, but clearly a monster album

3. Led Zeppelin I

Babe I'm Gonna Leave You and I Can't Quit You Baby are excellent

4. Houses of the Holy

Rain Song, No Quarter, Over the Hills...lotsa good stuff here.

5. Led Zeppelin II

Heartbreaker is pure rock and roll, What Is And What Should Never Be is sublime, and WLL is...well, WLL.

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1. Houses of the Holy

The Song Remains the Same is just a song that makes you feel like you're flying or sailing; it owns this album from the start. And then you have so much funk shoved up your ass by then that it becomes undeniable that this is the best album.

2. Physical Graffiti

I love this album so much, and it's one of their lengthiest, which gives me more beautiful music to listen to!

3. Led Zeppelin

This debut album is smashing, and I never get tired of hearing Dazed and Confused over and over (*uses repeat*).

4. The Fourth Album

It plays beautifully; each song blending together so well, one after another.

5. Presence

This underrated masterpiece is the reason I'm a fan and here now. Every song on here is timeless.

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Hi guys

Now this is a tough question. It's easier to answer the other way around.

Which recording is the weakest. I'd say definitely

'In through the outdoor'

They made seven milestones of rock music. Every record from 'LZ I' to 'Presence'

is unique in its way. I wouldn't want to miss one of them.

I'd say their climax is somewhere between 'Houses of the holy' - Physical Grafitti' and


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In order:

  1. Physical Graffiti (it's the supreme statement of Zeppelinism)
  2. Presence (aah.. the fury! Zep go down fighting)
  3. IV (supremely confident and fearless, and any record with When The Levee Breaks on it has to be good)
  4. Led Zeppelin (imagine how this sounded in '69!)
  5. Houses Of The Holy (a pleasinglyeclectic, if slightly erratic, selection)

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It's very difficult, it'd probably be different if I did it again tomorrow. It seems mad not to include the first one with classics like "Dazed & Confused" and How Many More Times", and "Presence" is an album that I really appreciate a lot more now than when I was younger. "Tea For One" blows me away just as much as "Achilles Last Stand", what a cracking end to an album!

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Led Zeppelin IV

The definitive classic rock album of all time. Coming out in November, 1971, this nicely capped what was, for me, the best year in rock ever... Faves: every track a classic, no filler, not even R&R...

Led Zeppelin III

The acoustic side finally shines through the cock rock bluster. The second side is my all time fave Zep side, even Hats Off, Jimmy's slide blues freakout... That's The Way, my all time fave Zep track.

Many a dazed and confused teenaged afternoon was spent in my smoked filled room playing my broom along, note for soulful note to the SIBLY solo, Page in full flight...

Physical Graffitti

Just so many good songs, new and lder once dusted down (see my first post on the PG thread)

Led Zeppelin I

Young Boy Blues extraordinaire... From Good Times Bad Times to Dazed and Confused and all the hard rock highs and mellow acoustic interludes inbetween. Agreed, one of the best debuts albums ever, and made in only 30 studio hours!

Houses Of The Holy

I used to HATE The Crudge, and side two's DD and DM seemed weak to me, after IV, but its grown on me, if the weakest of the first five. Essential for the first three tracks side one, and the final two side two, all prime Zep in full flight...

Runner up: LZ II: Ramble On, What Is and What Should Never Be, Bring It On Home and...

WORST Zeppelin album ever:

In Through the Out Door, which has the lamest LZ track ever, Caroselambra... ugh... synth hell...

(nice Page mid-section though...)

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Presence.. Best guitar, drums and bass playing in my opinion

IV.. Everyone a classic and WTLB is up there with Achilles for me. Goose bump moments is the last part of the guitar solo on Black Dog.

LZ I...Plants best vocals for me, D&C sounds like horror film music..great !

LZ III... SIBLY is the without doubt the best blues type song ever and all the acoustic is beautiful !

PG... love most of this album, the wah wah solo on Custard Pie gives me goose bumps when Page first presses the pedal down at the start of the solo ...wow !! other hair standing at the back of the neck moments is the last min and a half of Kashmir when the drum rolls come in..never fails.

This isn't fair as I want to put II down, HOTH and ITTOD too !!!???!!! lets face it they are all good and My order of preference changes from time to time over the years ! I think III has been listened to the most over the last 26 years, in my early days it was II all the time then HOTH so really I can't really choose !!

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