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Led Zeppelin to do a Live streaming service

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On 9/23/2018 at 4:53 AM, The Only Way To Fly said:

Too easy - find an RCA Cable that goes to 1/8th inch - plug the RCA cables  into your tape monitor input & your good to go! I have a mid-80's Harmon Kardon amp and this is how I run  Pandora (via my iPad) through my system.  


13 hours ago, tom kid said:

Just get a 2x rca - 3.5mm cable and connect it that way. It's how I connect my 30+ year old amp to my PC. 

Thank you very much, sometimes I think my "technical understanding" is that of a man born 100 years ago.

But that sounds manageable- Mr.Page, please start this streaming service NOW!

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