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The O2 In Retrospect...

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For me, the very early bootlegs that surfaced were the best.  The feedback issues in the first songs only served to highlight how the band was going to just kept plowing along professionally until it got resolved.  For me, the detuning of the songs and the lowering of Plant's vocal register was a bonus.  But that's just me.  

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Just re-watched the show and was blown away by Jimmy's performance. He played some of the solo's more conservatively than I would have liked on some song but on most he actually really kicked ass and brought a new dimension to the solos. His unique solos on For Your Life, Nobody's Fault but Mine & Trampled Underfoot were really good. What was surprising is the only solo I was somewhat disappointed in was STH. There was a moment when it sounded like Jimmy was really going to let loose and do a longer solo but then changed his mind which caused a slight flub and almost threw him off. He came very close to falling of the ledge but thankfully recovered masterfully. Other than that I thought Jimmy did an amazing job and more than made up for the Atlantic 40th debacle.

My favorite Jimmy moment though would have to be SIBLY. He exceeded expectations for me on that one.

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