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The Bonham Theory

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3 hours ago, TheMadIrishman said:

Ok so we all know Dazed and Confused from TSRTS. In about the middle, when Plant and Page are doing some little diddle together (20:33 for those interested), doesn’t it sound like Plant is saying Bonham? Please some one tell me that I’m not the only one thinks this

I always thought it sounded like Bonham or Banam....Bonhum, Bahn Hum, Bahnum, Baanem. 😏

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Plant is scat-singing, just gibberish words however to be precise he is saying, "bah-da."

Kinda like when Mel Torme' sings, "shooby doo do do wah" he is not singing "Scooby Do, do do, what."

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8 hours ago, Yossarian said:

he is scat singing

think Cab Calloway

Of course , I think we are all just having a bit of fun. I always thought it was funny that it sounded like 'Bonham' ....I'm sure plenty other fans did as well. 


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