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Best Live Bass Solo

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1 hour ago, chef free said:

How about the bass jam in the Communication Breakdown medley from LA '70?

Jonesy wasn't quite prepared for this platform... as much as I dig his bass work, this impromptu solo does not come off that well. Tempo is off and he fails to get into his signature groove; don't get me wrong the solo doesn't irritate me (the BB Hill Organ solo DOES!), but I'd rather recommend his amazing fretwork during Heartbreaker from Berkeley 14 sept.... the closest he got into the John Entwistle 'OX' territory.


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On October 10, 2018 at 6:02 PM, rm2551 said:

TSRTS WLL during the freak out part (Theramin?) - he goes off. And it is CRIMINAL there are no shots of him during that particular freight train like bass run.

That is definitely a memorable bass section for john paul jones...sounds so cool and is signature jpj for his much much later solo records. Also, i think this might have been the bounce back thought for the 1980 whole lotta love improv.  I mean the sudden space without jimmy in a live show, with bonham and jones jamming is nice!!!

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