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Favourite pic, page, or thing about LZ by LZ


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So one thing struck me when leafing through Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin....

The first pic (Except for the roll) is a nice full 2 page photo that kicks things off at the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute Concert. That's great. A nice B&W shot.

Page 347 is all class. A great way to acknowledge and respect.

P130 is great.

And 24 to 27. Unreal.

What are some of the highlights or things of interest to you?

I'm still to go through it.

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Still absorbing it all and loving it. The previously unseen photos are always a highlight. Earlier era photos are usually my favorite. The book has a good flow to it, tastefully done. The text by JP, JPJ and RP is also excellent and there's quite a lot there.

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Page 32 Plant and Bonham looking so young and almost anxious.

Page 52. Apart for the amps the lack of gadgets with just the four of them rehearsing is actually amazing. How band made themselves heard is fascinating.

Page 86 Likewise

Page 109 Bonham Toy drumkit and washing on the line

Page 150 Plant on the diving board.

Page 212 /213 Just glorious group shot.

Page 231 The Dove shot.


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I must say that I am a little disappointed with this book. Design, print and format are excellent, but the majority of the photos are average, some of these pictures are really good, but many are technically bad (out of focus, poor composition, blurred). The print is excellent, so even the bad photo does not look that bad. Yes, many of them are unseen, but apart from that, they don't have the artistic, visual,  impact for the book that should be the mother of all the photo books regarding the band. What is the meaning of the photograph where Plant is with some older people, probably homeless, who are drinking? Or the photo across the entire page of an anonymous police officer with a cork (or something like that) in his ear (yes, I know, they played loud). The majority of the best Zepp photos we have already seen in the other books, magazines, here, on the Internet and so on. Looks like they're scraping the bottom of the can. And it seems to me, I have to look at it again, that there are more photos from O2 in 2007 than from their 1975-1977 period. I like the book, I enjoy it, but it could be way better, IMO, for this important anniversary it's a missed chance. In a way, it's like the Zepp's 1975 concert, Plant can't sing properly, but the rest of them are good, but you know they were better in 1971.

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