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The Hypothetical Concert


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Does anyone know who put this together? It's a compilation of live rarities and jams from over the course of Zeppelin's career. The sound quality is all over the place due to the sheer amount of shows used, and the transitions are abrupt, but this is an excellent compilation imo.

Here are the original notes:

First, I have to admit that this project was a little bit too ambitious for me. I mean, collecting all those weird and rare Zep stuff (not found on original official albums or performed very rarely) is ok, but to imagine that one could arrange them in a logical order to make them sound like a normal Zep concert (with acoustic sets and all) - man, this is too much.

So I willingly admit my defeat. It's jut too damn hard for me to take 32 tracks from 1969 to 1980 and mix them together. The following is a chronology. A chronology depicting a hopeless struggle: man versus Led Zeppelin. At least I made the effort. Just listen, don't use any logical reasoning (like "How the hell could Jimmy switch
from electric to acoustic in two seconds?").The rest is history. Merry god damn christmas to all of You, folks. (Oh, and a big thanks to RO)

CD1 (62:24)
Rhumba (Walk Dont Run) 08-22-71 (02:21)
The Train Kept A Rollin 08-31-69 (02:57)
Sitting And Thinking 04-27-69 (07:08)
Wanton Song 01-20-75 (03:37)
When The Levee Breaks 01-20-75 (08:14)
Four Sticks 05-03-71 (06:52)
Gallows Pole 05-03-71 (05:31)
Going Down South & Black Country Woman 06-27-77 (02:51)
Mystery Train 06-19-77 (01:30)
Friends 09-29-71 (04:22)
Down By The Riverside 09-28-71 (02:09)
Improvisation/I Gotta Move 08-08-69 (02:59)
White Summer/Black Mountain Side 03-07-70 (11:53)

CD2 (64:07)
As Long As I Have You 04-24-69 (17:52)
Guitar Solo 06-27-77 (24:48)
Whole Lotta Love/The Crunge 03-11-75 (06:53)
Pats Delight 04-27-69 (14:34)

CD3 (63:19)
Out On The Tiles 09-04-70 (03:56)
Blueberry Hill 09-04-70 (03:21)
Georgia On My Mind 05-26-73 (01:18)
Money 06-30-80 (05:18)
Sakura, Sakura 10-05-72 (04:56)
Stand By Me 10-09-72 (06:17)
Organ Medley from 06/25/72 (04:22)
Weekend 11-16-71 (03:24)
High Heeled Sneakers 09-28-71 (03:41)
Cmon Everybody 11-06-69 (02:39)
Something Else 11-06-69 (02:10)
Itll Be Me 12-02-71 (03:39)
For Your Love 01-10-69 (07:37)
Rock Medley from 09/19/70 (05:31)
Long Tall Sally 09-02-70 (05:10)

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