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Bye Bye Satellite and Cable, hello Wi Fi Streaming


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I have just dumped Direct TV after 10 years.  I can no longer tolerate their incompetence with their "LIST" on their DVR.  They idiots for 3 months keep saying they are fixing the software while reaming my arse for a buck forty a month.  I have picked up two ROKU box's and signed on to FUBO TV to get sports with.  And many shows that my wife likes. 

Does anyone here know a quick way to connect a Roku device to a receiver to be able to get sound through speakers?  Not sure how I am going to do it yet.  I am sure there must be a device out there to accomplish this?  Thought I would try here because there are many sound experts around

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Our Roku is plugged into a HDMI port on our TV, and we run an optical audio cable from the TV to our AV receiver for sound.The setup is described in the second link Steve supplied above, in the section entitled "Using optical (S/PDIF) for audio".  Works great.

For what it's worth, we dropped Comcast years ago when they turned our service off by mistake while they were trying to fix a problem with a neighbors system (shared junction box.) When we called them to tell them there was a problem, they said it would take ten days to get someone out to fix it. During that time, we realized most of what we watched was available over the air, so we got an antenna and told Comcast to turn us off permanently. We lived without cable for seven or eight years until we got Sling TV a year ago so I could watch more sports. It's only US$25 per month. It's not perfect, but it lets me watch a lot of sports and my wife gets her HGTV fix, all for way less than Comcast wants for similar programming. 


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I upgraded to a 4K TV this year. I have purchased a Roku 4K Ultra, and a Sony 4K Blu-ray player. The Sony player has 2 HDMI outputs, so I can stream 4k video to the TV, and stream Dolby HD and DTS HD to the receiver. My receiver is not a 4K receiver. That wasn't in the budget this time. The 4K TV has ARC, so it will deliver DD+ from the Roku Ultra player, which is plugged directly into the TV, to the Receiver. If the Sony Blu-ray player didn't have 2 HDMI outputs, then I'd use the optical cable to deliver DD+ to the Receiver. But, I prefer getting the Dolby HD and the DTS HD to the receiver, from Blu-ray discs.

There are a lot nature and travel videos on YouTube that are in 4K.

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