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The greatest year for live events


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I got to wondering about what year MSG had the biggest acts in the world and my opinion is that 1977 was a banner year.  In no order: Kiss, Queen, LZ, ELP, Fleetwood Mac, Genesis, Eagles, CSN, Yes, Rod the Mod, and Pink Floyd.  It doesn't get much better than that.  Comments? What was your personal best year for shows? 2018 was awesome for me. . 2 Robert Plant shows, The Cult/STP/Bush, Greta Van Fleet, BORNS, Faster Pussycat and one more I think. . 


PS Happy New Year Zep Heads!! Let's hope the Zep 50th is full of great stuff:)

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23 hours ago, Bozoso73 said:

Killer year for sure! What's your personal best year?

I would have to say 1967 because you not only had bands playing for free in the park, but also at the  Avalon & Fillmore. It was a magical time. :)

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A lot of good years and venues to pick from. Redrum mentioned S.F. but I would add Los Angeles in '69 at many venues in and around the Sunset Strip.

The Whiskey, The Roxy, Pandora's Box,  The London Fog, The Troubadour, Gazzarri's.

After '68/'69  we began to see a shift from promotional tours at small venues to arena rock as it became clear that bands could actually make some money off of touring. Arena rock coupled with FM radio and a  shift to album oriented rock at that time really changed the game. Rock and Roll in the early '70s EXPLODED across North America and  beyond. The two most renowned venues on the American coasts being MSG and the Inglewood Forum near Los Angeles.

Sadly it became too big for it's britches by the time we began seeing 20 minute drum and guitar solos. The staleness sank in, TRUE fans became bored, and a door for new blood and an actual "pulse" of a beating heart came back when punk came along to save rock and roll and reinvent the small venue scene once again..... well, for a little while.

Big is not always better. I would have rather seen Led Zeppelin opening for Alice Cooper at The Whiskey than a front row seat at Knebworth. Who wouldn't?


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I saw more shows in 2018 then I think in any other year. Or close to it.

3 Dead and Company Shows in Hartford and two in NYC at CitiField

Panorama Music Festival in NYC

Greta Van Fleet in Sayreville NJ

Elton John in NYC at MSG

Gary Clark Jr at Cap in Portchester NY

Greta Van Fleet in NYC at Terminal 5


I hope I didn't leave anything out


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