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Stupid Rolling Stone 50th Anniversary Issue

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Yesterday I was at the grocery store and there in the checkout aisle I saw on the magazine rack a Rolling Stone special Led Zeppelin 50th anniversary issue, which I immediately grabbed and tossed on the conveyor. Then at home, hours later, I realized that I had somehow managed to leave the magazine in the cart back at the store. There's $15 down the drain.

So this morning I drove back over to the store and bought another copy. I got that one home safe and sound, and then noticed that it's the EXACT same magazine as one that Rolling Stone published back in 2013, and which I already have. So apparently another $15 down the drain. I've now bought the exact same magazine three times.

But seriously, how lazy can Rolling Stone be to commemorate Led Zeppelin's 50th by simply reprinting an issue from 5 years ago.

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