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My version of the 1970 RAH show

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I've always loved the 1970 Royal Albert Hall show, but I've never been satisfied with any of the releases for it. The video from the official DVD is amazing, but it is missing a few songs and certain portions are edited. Other versions are incomplete in one form or another, have the wrong setlist order, or the sound is inferior in some way. So, I decided to put together my own version, using the Winston Remaster as a basis, both because the sound is excellent and it does a pretty good job of combining several other sources.

In addition to the Winston Remaster, I also used "Jimmy's Birthday Party - Version A" by Empress Valley Supreme Disc, "The Lost Mixes Volume Seven" also by Empress Valley Supreme Disc, and "Royal Albert Hall 1970" by Lighthouse.

Below is the track listing, as well as a key detailing which release was used for each song.

* Royal Albert Hall (Winston Remaster)
# Jimmy's Birthday Party (Empress Valley Supreme Disc)
[ The Lost Mixes Volume Seven (Empress Valley Supreme Disc)
] Royal Albert Hall 1970 (Lighthouse)

1. Intro*
2. We're Gonna Groove*
3. I Can't Quit You Baby*] (minor patch to the Lighthouse release to cover for a very slight edit)
4. Dazed and Confused*
5. Heartbreaker* (incomplete)
6. White Summer*
7. Organ Solo/Thank You] (incomplete, the Lighthouse release uses the portions from the Led Zeppelin DVD menus)
8. What Is and What Should Never Be*
9. Moby Dick*
10. How Many More Times*[ (various patches to "The Lost Mixes Volume Seven" to cover for several edits)
11. Whole Lotta Love*
12. Communication Breakdown*
13. C'mon Everybody*
14. Something Else*
15. Bring It On Home* (this is the most likely position for the song based on the audio we have available)
16. Long Tall Sally*# (patch to "Jimmy's Birthday Party" for a significant middle portion of the song, which is in inferior quality)

This is, to the best of my knowledge, the most complete version of the show possible given what we currently have. Hope you all enjoy it! :) 

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