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John Paul Jones upcoming appearance @ Resonance Fundraiser 2019, 100 Club in London (March 28, 2019)


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John Paul Jones, Thurston Moore & Steve Noble

Resonance Fundraiser 2019

  • The 100 Club 100 Oxford Street London, England, W1D

A unique musical meeting of three of the most inventive performers of our time. John Paul Jones is going to be performing with Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Steve Noble for one night only on 28th March 2019 The 100 Club in London to benefit Resonance 104.4fm Tix avail here (on sale now):



    A unique musical meeting of three of the most inventive performers of our time – for perhaps the only time - all to benefit Resonance FM! As co-founder and legendary multi-instrumentalist with Led Zeppelin, John Paul Jones needs no introduction. A restless and radical musical innovator for over half a century - as composer, arranger, and producer across genres ranging from pop to opera to electronica and avant-garde - he is joined for this intimate performance at the iconic The 100 Club by like minds in the form of Thurston Moore and Steve Noble. Thurston's ground-breaking use of extended techniques as guitarist in Sonic Youth, the most enduring of America's experimental rock bands, is matched here by the extraordinary dexterity of improvising drummer Steve, collaborator of choice of countless free jazz iconoclasts including Derek Bailey, Joe McPhee and Matthew Shipp. The three come together for an unforgettable evening to raise funds for Resonance FM - the most inventive radio station in the world. Tickets: £50 on-line here.






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    Wow. I've seen Planty live but I genuinely never thought I'd get to see Jonsey, honestly I'm not the biggest fan of Sonic Youth but I appreciate their place. I do wonder whether it'll be an extended jam or if they'll have a setlist, might be too much to expect some Thunderthief material!

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    Holy fuck! This is amazing. The fact that Jones has collaborated with Diamanda Galas, Supersilent, Butthole Surfers, Robyn Hitchcock, Sara and Sean Watkins, Dave Grohl & Josh Homme, David Rawlings & Gillian Welch, Dream Syndicate, and now Thurston Moore and Steve Noble while Jimmy Page rummages in the classic rock dustbin (David Coverdale? Miles Kennedy? Sheesh), exemplifies how John Paul Jones has remained an active musician with his ears wide open to new possibilities.

    But Sam, I gotta ask you...what happened to Jones' opera?

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    So. This was... one of the least enjoyable gigs I've ever been to. Firstly I should say that it was an honour and a privilege to be standing just feet away from Jonsey, and watching him playing up close was amazing. But the so called music? I endured rather than enjoyed, and believe me it hurts to be saying that about one of my musical heroes! Thurston Moore might be respected in musical circles but listening to two hours of guttural guitar screeching for me does not music make. I was longing for a tune, some melody, something to latch onto but alas no. It just went on and on. Steve Noble is certainly no slouch either but it was just relentless. 

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    Three thoughts:

    that 5 string bass is a gorgeous looking instrument

    Mr "Alternative 90s SuperCool" Thurston Moore now looks like a middle aged computer games store employee.

    Jonesy's playing music he enjoys, with people he likes. Him and Plant are showing their eclecticism while Page (so musically eclectic in Zeppelin's heyday) is ironically stuck in a classic rock timewarp.

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    1 hour ago, SteveAJones said:

    What. in. the. hell. are. they. playing? 🤣 Joe Satriani ain't there so it can't be Vulcan lounge music. 

    I saw your comment scrolled up and thought... Hmmm... What could this be? Clicked play and then thought about your comment and chuckled. Talk about free form...

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    13 hours ago, rm2551 said:

    I thought the same, but I thought it must just be me getting old.

    I still thing JPJ killed it. But yeah, not sure what the f it was...

    Tell you what, I've seen the vids of Jones with Diamanda and I felt the rhythm section was killing it as for her it's debatable but I did think her voice would work well with Jimmy. I could see them doing some cool tracks and something like the end of dazed where they just go off for 12 minutes. This stuff though had no cohesion it seemed disjointed and little more than each player doing whatever the hell they wanted with no regard for what the others were doing.

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