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News Coverage of Dallas-Ft.Worth 1977 Ticket Sales

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For 1977, the tickets for the Dallas show went on sale only at the Dallas Convention Center Box Office.

For the 1977 Ft. Worth show, the tickets went on sale only at the Ft. Worth Convention Center Box office.

Both shows went on sale the same morning.

I waited in line at the Dallas site starting at 4pm the previous day. It got very cold that night. I used some Jack Daniels to keep warm.

There were two long lines formed to the left and right of the entrance to the Dallas ticket box office, which was inside, unlike the Ft. Worth box office, which was outside.

But, by 7am, there were no lines, just a mass of people in front of the doors.

I was initially about the 30th person in line.

And when I got into the box office area, I was about #30.

The ticket office broke their own rules, and out of panic sold the first person in line 100 tickets.

Being # 30 in line, the best seats I got were 10 rows back.





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