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What's the weather like where you are?

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The calendar says March 31 but looking at the weather map, I swear it appears as if most of the U.S. north of the California-Texas-Florida belt is still in the grips of Father Winter. Snow? Still?

Here's hoping you get released from winter's grasp soon and get some warm, sunny weather for a change...especially those of you going to Opening Day baseball games!



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I'd prefer Evertonian weather!!!!!!! No red shite in this house.

Of course Joe. Sorry forgot. Hey do you want that waste of space manager back?

Lovely day today. The CP's and 5 others are off to play a beautiful parkland course today. Let's pray it holds

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Shit, I was just about to cut the grass, and it was raining.

Hummmm I was going to do the same here. I assume the Liverpudlian weather is coming over here?

Lawn cutting day over here on The Wirral too. I'm just about to do my Mum's lawns front and back then I'm going home to do the same at mine. The weather? sunny, but with a few black clouds hanging about, better get a move on.

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