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What's the weather like where you are?


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Hot 44C.

Killer fires in Victoria, arson suspected and 60 fires in NSW.

The fire at Peats Ridge is just up the road from where Slave to Zep lives.

I hope she's ok.

35 dead just outside of Melbourne and our thoughts are with the victims.


A couple of thousand km's away torrential rain and flooding with people missing and a suspected crocodile attack on a young boy.


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Wow. That's pretty horrible. That is some hot weather. If my calculations are right, that's 111 degrees F. I was in your country back in 2001 in July, equivalent to your winter. A bit cool at times, but quite nice. A lot warmer in Cairns to the north. WOuld love to return some day, but I dread the flights.

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It was a really nice day, i got to walk my dog twice for ten minute walks. its gonna get better, juust has to take some time.

Glad to hear your dog is coming along :)

It got up to 66 degrees here today (that's a heatwave as far as February is concerned). All week the weather has been warm (high 40's and up). I love avoiding the snow in the winter!

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It's pouring outside... and there's a wind warning. Fortunately, it's relatively warm, so if the power goes out, we won't freeze.

My power went out about 30 min ago. Lost the internet for awhile. My laptop batteries are fully charged but the wireless router and DSL goes out when power is out!

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