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What's the weather like where you are?

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weird weather, yesterday it was sunny in the morning, drove an hour and a half east and it was ten degrees cooler and foggy, then late in the day it was sunny and warm. today its cool, yet humid and overcast again.

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It is only about 60 degrees and we had some rain earlier. Actually for a couple of nights this past week we had some thunderstorms. We need the rain though, but there has been more of it lately in early spring, than it was last year. At least it has made the grass green and pretty!

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lol! I knew we were connected somehow!

Hey, aren't you G'islanders an extension of us geographically? or is it vice verse? :)

i think your'e right...isn't kinda sad that i really don't know for sure, right?

all i know is i am definitely in the burbs (big yawn)....my old boss used to refer to us as B&T (bridge & tunnel people). she was really co charming...if you consider a snake charming!

anyhoo, it is misty here and, as you pointed out yesterday, so am i!


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59 °F / 15 °C


Humidity: 31%

Dew Point: 28 °F / -2 °C

Wind: 6 mph / 9 km/h / 2.6 m/s from the ENE

Pressure: 30.27 in / 1025 hPa (Rising)

Visibility: 10.0 miles / 16.1 kilometers

UV: 1 out of 16

Clouds: Clear -

(Above Ground Level)

Elevation: 968 ft / 295 m

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It went from high 50s to 95 in about three days!

My a/c has been running nonstop since 1pm and it's almost midnight!

It's finally a decent temperature...thank God. I love the heat, I just prefer an acclimation phase before it gets too close to 100!


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Asheville North Carolina, United States 28801



Feels Like


Updated: May 20 07:25 a.m. ET

UV Index:

0 Low


From ESE at 2 mph




30.41 in.

Dew Point:



10.0 miles


6:21 AM


8:32 PM

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