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What's the weather like where you are?

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It was a whopping 2 degrees F when I got up this morning, and I believe it got down to around -5 last night. Yesterday was miserable- I think it reached 15 degrees F during the day, but we had a very stiff NW wind that probably brought the windchill down to very near 0.

But we're supposed to warm up over the next few days, maybe even reach 45 or higher Sunday! I can hardly wait for that... it will feel like summer...

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Same as it was last night- just that it isn't snowing as hard and it's only 14! Might even be cooler than that now. It's suppose to get warmer sometime next week- I want it to stay cold and snowy. When things are wet around school everything gets all muddy.

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Lady Raven, i shouldn't even complain compared to what I've hear your part of the country is getting. but here near the Sierra Mountains 80 miles east of reno preparing for a big storm lots of snow at high elevations and winds up to 70+mph here in Sacramento (100mph in sierras). And it's cold for here.

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