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What's the weather like where you are?


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  • 2 weeks later...

:blink: No One has had any weather since August 9th?

Or is it just too miserable?


I want to hear you eastcoatsers wave and wind reports.

Seen some beach cams...my present day hobbie...and it looks awesome!!!!

Now I kinda want to go to an Atlantic beach instead of a Pacific. :huh:

Either one, I'm craving Ocean.

edited for very funny booboo.

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73 °F / 23 °C

Mostly Cloudy

Humidity: 81%

Dew Point: 67 °F / 19 °C

Wind: 5 mph / 7 km/h / 2.1 m/s from the NNE

Pressure: 29.82 in / 1010 hPa (Rising)

Visibility: 10.0 miles / 16.1 kilometers

UV: 0 out of 16

Clouds: Few 8000 ft / 2438 m

Mostly Cloudy 10000 ft / 3048 m (Above Ground Level)

Elevation: 968 ft / 295 m

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I know, I'm in the NYC area and today I walked out of my air conditioned house to get the mail and my glasses immediately fogged up...the last time I had that happen was in New Orleans. blink.gif

laugh.gif We have a saying down here, "When you walk outside at 7:00am and you break into a sweat you know you're in the Big Easy"biggrin.gif

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↑ Oh yeah? Wow it must have been very pretty (from indoors, of course)! Anyways, it's now a comfortable morning, 59℉, partly sunny. :)

Well, on second thought, calling it 'the mother of all storms' is a great overstatement given what our New Orleans friends have had to go through. But I guess it's in relation to what one is used to. Just northwest of this area there was a tornado - something that we almost never get. Beautiful day so far: high near 23C and NO RAIN for once.

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Just hooked up my new weather station thingy my stepdad sent me.


106 F

11% Humidity

Pressure 29.83 and steady

Partly Cloudy

So in other words, it's friggin hot, dry and ain't gonna change anytime soon. A walk to the mailbox could'a told me that! :lol:

In my room it's 86.5. :(

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Wow, I'm ready to visit you Mary, 'cause where I'm at there's just a


... and never-ending drought ... :wall:

Oddly enough the person who sang that song emailed me very very recently.

Good thing about here is it's cool in the night and everyone has great AC. If you get too hot just go to some of the rivers. Some of these rivers are ice cold. Nantahala Gorge is where I like best.


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