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What's the weather like where you are?

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Taken in Rome, GA last night.


WTF! No wonder people in the South are more religious than elsewhere...that looks like something out of the Book of Revelations. Or a disaster movie.

We were supposed to get some rain yesterday but it never materialized. So far, March has come in like a lamb.

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Pissin' down rain, again!

Flood warnings all over NSW.

So much for the "experts" predictions of hotter weather and next to no rainfall!?

Everyone knows weather is cyclical except it seems, politicians and some scientists.

They even changed the status from Global Warming to Climate Change, having two bob each way.

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it's still summer here, and like reggie said, we have had rain, rain, and more rain. vertually no summer at all.

which i am quite happy about, as i hate the extreme hot temps we normally get here.

last night i even put my electric blanket on , just for 20 mins, to warm the bed! that's unheard of in an aussie summer!

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Not so sunny in sunny South Florida right now...

Things should be looking up tomorrow, though. I wish we had had more of a Winter down here, since the Winters down here is the best season of the year. Unfortunately for us, the warm Winter that everyone had caused us to have to run our a/c more and higher bills and all that. I prefer being able to open my window and get a nice breeze instead.

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We just got our "hidey hole" installed about two weeks ago. I am so glad we did too. It's been a very active season.

We don't have one, but if I knew 5 minutes or so in advance, I could probably make it to the lower level of a business park's parking garage. I really hope that I Never have experiencing a tornado on my "resume" !

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This was what it looked like on April 3rd in the Dallas Metroplex.

Photo by freelance photographer Parrish Velasco.


It's not too late....to whip it! :^)

Unseasonably warm here for May, but we'll TAKE IT!! :^)

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