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What's the weather like where you are?

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I live for snow. Bring it on. Except for the fact that I leave for Florida tomorrow on a school trip :( but my first step when I get back will be to open the garage door, fill up with gas and hit the trails.

Lucky you. And Buffalo is probably already getting hammered 60 miles up the thruway? We are starting to get hit now.

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Weird day here. Lots of wet snow this morning. Then lots of rain. It's still raining. I hope the yard doesn't flood...

Take care, Rick.

These poor chums from San Jose State go 12 and 2. They get greeted by the balmy confinds of RFK in DC. A windy 38 F makes it feel like a bitter 28. And I guess all the fans that bought tickets unloaded them.

I picked SDS but I think I should have gone with the cold weather team, Bowling Green.

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Horrible, is an understatement.


I reememeber thee iiice storms of 94.

They certainly were techerous. I worked for a private contractor at the correctional facility. They considered teachers essential personnel. I had to make the trek into work and literally skated across the yard. my car completed a 180 down hill on he ride home and luckily there was no one behind me.

Back To the weather at hand. A balmy 38f. Low cloud cover and no wind. Warm enough for shorts and flip fops to run the daddy taxi.

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Second snow storm in a week happening here! Last one was Thursday evening/night. That one had wet heavy stuff, this one so far is lighter. I've been out to shovel off my front step already, there was a 2 foot drift, almost couldn't open my door!

It's snowing now.

Good thing I took my daughter out driving this morning!

I think we are getting the same storm.

You took your daughter out driving this morning...is she just learning to drive? My daughter will be 16 in just a couple of months, I'm not looking forward to her driving in these conditions.

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