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What's the weather like where you are?

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Yep I'll third that. It is snowing here too. Biting south easterly wind that is compounding the fact that's freezing and making the snow drift.. Mrs CP has promised to be back at luchtime so we get supplies in. Just checked my wine stash and it has a low stock level. :unsure:

Forecasters are saying that there will be no visible green lawn until well into February :(

Forunately I chopped a weekends worth of logs yesterday so it looks like a weekend of insies with DVD's,wine, food and a few biftas. Well as they say "every cloud has a silver lining" :D

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We've just got a severe thunderstorm warning with strong southerly winds while the temperture has dropped to 25C and on it's way to my place.

Fucking A Reggie. Love a good storm. Get your camera out and take some shots of the impending visit?

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Rub my fucking nose in it Walter. Snow fell again last night. Its cold and white

Not rubbing your nose in anything....that's f'in cold for down here. Especially when you have to be out in it for an hour simulating a civil rights march/sit in!

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