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Any Jeopardy fans? Tonight last test online


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If you want to take the Jeopardy test, you have only tonight to register and take the test online.  I would register now. I took mine last night. I had at least 5 where I simply could not type fast enough.  I had the answer correct, and I just could not get my fingers to work



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11 hours ago, redrum said:

James Holzhauer-----Almost 2-1/2 million won in 30 days. I think the only person who can beat him is himself. He don't puck around. :)


Yeah he is the best to ever play this game and I am sure the Jeopardy team is sorry they let him on.  I have not watched lately due to the hockey. I took the past test. Online.  I got at least 5 answers wrong that I knew because I just could not type fast enough.  Sucks

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RIP Alex

So who has been your favorite temporary host ?  I'm going to have to go with Executive Producer Mike Richards.  The show seemed to have the same flavor and pace when he was hosting.  Nothing flashy, and more of a continuation of Alex's show.  Katie Couric did nothing for me.  Dr. Oz was surprisingly tolerable.  Aaron Rodgers is growing on me.  I sure like him better as a tv host as opposed to my most hated quarterback, but his presentation is a bit dry.  Ken Jennings did a good job, but he has the potential to inadvertently say something stupid at any time.

Thoughts...opinions ?  Anyone that refuses or can't watch without Alex hosting ?   

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