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Philadelphia 6/13/72 - When was Bring It On Home played?

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I have been thinking a lot out the Legendary tours and so I started binge listening to the golden month of June 1972.

I do believe BIOH was played after Black Dog and before Since I’ve Been Loving You.  I don’t think it was rearranged by the bootleggers.

It’s murky to listen but as Plant introduces Since I’ve Been Loving You there is a problem with JPJ keyboards and there is about a 2 minute delay.  (The same problem happens the next night at Nassau Coliseum and Plant says “we’ve been having trouble with the keyboards last night and again but it’s cool”).

At first I did think BIOH was from the encores and possibly we had another show which had extended encores.  They tape is pretty fragmentary like the taper only had 1 C-90 min cassette, and I was thinking this song was all that remained from the extra encores since the recording is so fragmentary.  But from the sound of the tape and the crowd noise it does appear it’s in the correct spot. 

They did play it the next night as the final encore so they probably had it rehearsed and ready to go and with the keyboard problem they switched gears and played it so the techs could fix the keyboards. 

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