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Did Jimmy play on this Roger Daltrey track?

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As I was scrolling through the Wikipedia page for Roger Daltrey's 1973 solo album, "Daltrey", I read this excerpt claiming that Jimmy played on one of the singles from the album:

The album was recorded during a hiatus time in the Who's touring schedule. The first single released from the album, "Giving It All Away", reached number five in the UK and the album made the Top 50 in the United States. He also released a single in 1973, "Thinking"; its B-side, "There is Love", features Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin on guitar.

I couldn't find a source to listen to the track anywhere online. Does anyone know if it's true that Jimmy played on the track and/or does anyone know a place online to listen to the song? I included some pictures of the single below as well. 




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23 hours ago, thozil said:


If it is Jimmy...why? It's just a simple, throw away guitar line that most can do, plus, it's buried too far in the mix. Unless Jimmy did it as a favor to a pal, which would make sense. Nothing too elaborate, just do what old Roger wants, have a cup of tea, and wrap.

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I have never heard of this song, but i ended up listening to roger daltreys version of, as long as i have you, and was amazed even more with what led zeppelin did with that song. They processed it through a machine or something and completely made it this huge powerful epic...that reflected the early vision of the band..,the stuff page and plant talked about...

I listen to the garnett mims version and i hear an influence to gnarls barkley, crazy in vibe and style. 

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