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"Hats Off (to Roy)

Hats off (to Roy Harper)  

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  1. 1. Do you like "Hats off (to Roy Harper)"?

    • Of course, I have great taste in music!
    • No, but that's because I'm tone-deaf.

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Gotta agree with MattMc on this one. Not tone deaf. Hat's Off just sounds like a slide blues stroke off by Page or some sort of warm-up exercise for Plant vocally, not a song proper. Plus, the lyrics are uninspired, unroriginal pure blues schlock.

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not tone deaf either

just don't care for it

I think it's one of the worst ending tracks to an album they ever did..... with the possible exception of Tea for One which isn't my fav either

I mean LZ1: How Many More Times...... POW!

LZII: Bring It On Home....... POW!

LZIII: Hat's Off (to Roy Harper)..... what the crap?

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Yeah I believe you said you met him once. In that case I know him really really well.

I love the song because of the song not because of who it is about or who it is by.

But then - we're all different. Pleased to meet you Legacy. :D

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I know that when I first heard it,back in the 70's,I thought it to be a song that didn't sound quite right on that particular album.It took me a few more times of listening to it to really appreciate it.I love hearing it when it comes to the end of the record.It just means that I can flip it over and start it over again!

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