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Jimmy Page in Brazil

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When was the first time Jimmy Page came to Brazil? Ana Capaldi remembers that she and Jim Capaldi hosted Page, Charlotte (girlfriend) and Scarlet (daughter) in 1979, and remembers that was his first time. But recently a very famous Brazilian Rockstar, Rita Lee (from the band Mutantes), published her autobiography atesting she has given to Jimmy Page a Brazilian acoustic guitar called “craviola” in 1972, in Bahia (nothern of Brazil). 
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To the best of my knowledge it was the visit you have mentioned in 1979. It's possible he went there in 1972 but it seems to me he certainly would have said so in an interview at some point. Yet he never has. Perhaps she misspoke or it's a typo and she meant 2002.

Other visits include Salvador and Lencois in December 1995. In Salvador, he jammed with local band Os Bichos but did not have time to contribute to their new album. He spent the Christmas holiday in Lencois with his Brazilian girlfriend Jimena, whom he had first met in Buenos Aires, Argentina in December 1994 while there with Robert Plant promoting their Page/Plant album.

On December 28, 1995, Jimmy held a press conference at the Meriden Hotel in Salvador.

From January 15-19, 1996 Page/Plant tour rehearsals were held in Sao Paulo. On January 20, 1996 they performed at the Pacaembu Stadium in Sao Paulo. On January 27, 1996 they performed at the Apoteose Square in Rio De Janeiro. The next afternoon Polygram hosted a party and awarded Page & Plant presentation discs for their album.

In August 1996, Jimmy Page spent time with Jimena in her home village in Lencois, and during this visit they were filmed together by local TV Channel Globa.

In January 1997, Jimmy returned to visit Brazil.

On December 8, 1997, Jimmy  Page went to the Gigantinho in Porto Alegre to attend David Coverdale's concert (this was Coverdale's "farewell tour") during a short holiday hiatus from Page/Plant studio sessions in London.

In late December 2000/January 2001 Jimmy returned to visit Brazil.

On January 17, 2001 Jimmy attended the Rock In Rio III press conference held at the Hotel Intercontinental in Rio De Janeiro. Later he also attended Rock in Rio III.

In July 2002, Jimmy and Jimena spent two weeks together in Brazil.

In January 2005, Jimmy granted an interview to a wheel-chair bound television host on TVE in Rio De Janeiro.

In October 2005, at Casa Jimmy, Jimmy was made an honorary citizen of Rio De Janeiro for his charitable work with underprivileged children in the city…state legislator Paulo Melo attends.

On October 8, 2005, Jimmy visited the Christ the Redeemer statue overlooking Rio De Janeiro and posed for photos with at least one fan.

In June 2010, Jimmy returned to visit Brazil.


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