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Chronological Live Album

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Interesting compilation definitely, i'll try to get around to giving it a listen.

I suspect actually if this was going to happen officially it would have replaced TSRTS, maybe a quad album with one disk each for RAH 1970, LA 72, MSG 73 and EC 75. That could actually have balanced quite nicely with each disk having one side of shorter tracks and an epic on the other side.

RAH 70

Side 1 - Were Gonna Groove, I Can't Quit You, Communication Breakdown, Bring It On Home

Side 2 - How Many More Times

LA 72

Side 1 - Immigrant Song, Heartbreaker, Black Dog, Over The Hills and Far Away

Side 2 - Whole Lotta Love

MSG 73

Side 1-  Rock and Roll,  The Ocean, Since I'v Been Loving You,  Stairway to Heaven

Side 2 - Dazed and Confused

EC 75

Side 1 - Trampled Underfoot, In My Time of Dying, That's The Way, Going to California

Side 2 - No Quarter


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Last year I put this together using only officially released tracks.   For the later years it was easy since there were few choices to make.

I tried to choose only one version of each song, using only officially released tracks, to see what a chronological live album might look like.  In some sense, the DVD is a chronological live album, but I wanted to consider tracks from the BBC, HTWWW, and TSRTS also.
I wanted to choose a version close to the studio release of each song, though there some very difficult choices, especially since Heartbreaker is not on the Royal Albert Hall part of the DVD and in the bootlegs it is cut off.

CD 1
Danish TV - DVD
Communication Breakdown 2:46
HMMT 12:20
15:06 min

Royal Albert Hall  - DVD - my favorite sounding official live release
I Can't Quit You Baby 6:56
Dazed and Confused 15:33
Moby Dick 15:21
What Is and What Should Never Be 4:39
WLL 6:24
Bring It On Home 7:44
56:38 min
CD 1 total 71:44 min

CD 2
BBC 1971 - 2016 remaster
Since I've Been Loving You 6:56
Going to CA 3:54 - could have gone with HTWWW
That's the Way 5:43 - could have gone with HTWWW
Stairway 8:49
Thank You 6:37
32 min

HTWWW - 2018 remaster
Immigrant Song 3:42 
Heartbreaker 7:25  - would have gone with Royal Albert Hall if it were released and complete
Black Dog 5:41 
Over the Hills and Far Away 5:08
Bron Y Aur Stomp 4:55
Rock and Roll 3:56
The Ocean 4:21
35:08 min
CD 2 total 67:08 min

CD 3
Celebration Day original 1976 release 3:49
No Quarter original 1976 release 12:30
The Song Remains the Same 5:39  original 1976 release
The Rain Song 8:20  2018 remaster
30:18 min

Earl's Court - DVD
In My Time of Dying 11:14
Trampled Underfoot 8:14
19:28 min

Knebworth - DVD
Nobody's Fault But Mine 5:45
In the Evening 7:56
Achilles Last Stand 9:03
30) Kashmir 8:50
This is the running order I imagine.  Ending with Kashmir I think is fitting.
31:36 min
77 minutes.  if cut NFBM or ITE would fit on one CD (would not want to cut either one), or could add some more tracks to fill out a fourth CD? 

Edited by John M

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On 5/21/2019 at 6:05 AM, ZepHead315 said:

For many years, Jimmy Page has discussed the possibility of released a chronological live album of Led Zeppelin. Seeing as how that has not happened (yet), I thought it would be fun to try to imagine what such an album would be like. I put this together by aiming for shows with good sound that contained excellent performances of each respective song. I tried to put everything in chronological order, with each song being from a show that was around the period of its official release on a studio album.

There are three notable exceptions to this: for Train Kept a Rollin’ and I Can’t Quit You Baby, I couldn’t help choosing the versions from the Texas International Pop Festival on August 31st, 1969. The announcement of “Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome…the Led Zeppelin!” was just too perfect not to use. After this, I went back to some earlier shows for other songs. The second exception is for Heartbreaker, for which I chose the version from Blueberry Hill, since it flows so well from Immigrant Song. The third exception is for the last track, You’ll Never Walk Alone from Knebworth. I found it worked well as a sort of “farewell”.

I’m sure there will be controversy over the versions I picked, as well as which songs I chose to leave out. I aimed to try to make this compilation be of a similar length as one of Zeppelin’s live shows. It ended up being just shy of four hours, so I was forced to leave certain songs out in order to prevent it from becoming even longer.

No editing or EQing was done to any of the sources, save for fading each track in and out where appropriate.

Track Listing:
1.    Train Kept a Rollin’ – Lewisville, TX 8/31/69
2.    I Can’t Quit You Baby – Lewisville, TX 8/31/69
3.    Communication Breakdown – San Francisco, CA 4/27/69
4.    As Long As I Have You – San Francisco, CA 4/27/69
5.    Dazed and Confused – Toronto, Canada 8/18/69 (evening)
6.    Moby Dick – Montreux, Switzerland 3/7/70
7.    Whole Lotta Love – Montreux, Switzerland 3/7/70
8.    Immigrant Song – Los Angeles, CA 9/4/70
9.    Heartbreaker – Los Angeles, CA 9/4/70
10.    Thank You – Los Angeles, CA 9/4/70
11.    Since I’ve Been Loving You – Los Angeles, CA 9/4/70
12.    That’s The Way – Los Angeles, CA 9/4/70
13.    Four Sticks – Copenhagen, Denmark 5/3/71
14.    Black Dog – Tokyo, Japan 9/23/71
15.    Stairway to Heaven – Tokyo, Japan 9/23/71
16.    Going to California – Osaka, Japan 9/29/71
17.    Rock and Roll – Osaka, Japan 9/29/71
18.    Over the Hills and Far Away – Los Angeles, CA 6/25/72
19.    No Quarter – Mobile, AL 5/13/73
20.    The Ocean – San Francisco, CA 6/2/73
21.    The Song Remains The Same – Seattle, WA 7/17/73
22.    The Rain Song – Seattle, WA 7/17/73
23.    In My Time of Dying – Baton Rouge, LA 2/28/75
24.    Kashmir – Baton Rouge, LA 2/28/75
25.    Trampled Underfoot – London, UK 5/24/75
26.    Ten Years Gone – Los Angeles, CA 6/23/77
27.    Achilles Last Stand – Los Angeles, CA 6/23/77
28.    In the Evening – Copenhagen, Denmark 7/24/79
29.    Money (That’s What I Want) – Frankfurt, Germany 6/30/80
30.    You’ll Never Walk Alone – Stevenage, UK 8/4/79

Versions of each show used:
4/27/69 – Nite Owl Stereo Matrix
8/18/69 (evening) - 2nd Show - source 1 (main: 1st gen Reels > DAT > CDR) + 2 (patches: Master Reels > CDR) (Eddie Edwards)
8/31/69 - 1/4" Track Master Reels>7.5ips Reel To Reel (Saf. Copies)>DAT>Tascam CDRW-700s>COAX>CDr(3) (Dadgad)
3/7/70 - Montreux aud Divinity Revision + SBD (Pernod)
9/4/70 – Live on Blueberry Hill (Graf Zeppelin)
5/3/71 - Master>DAT>cdr>cdr(x)>eac(secure mode/read offsets corrected)>wav>flac(level 7)
9/23/71 - Flying Rock Carnival 1971 Complete (2011 Remaster)
9/29/71 - Kutabare Moonchild (Winston Remaster)
6/25/72 - Master > DAT
5/13/73 - 2019 Dadgad Remaster
7/17/73 - Masters>Nakamichi 670>Wavelab 96/24>flac (JEMS)
2/28/75 – Grame Remaster
5/24/75 – My personal remaster of Watchtower’s “To Be a Rock and Not to Roll”
6/23/77 – For Badgeholders Only (Scorpio)
7/24/79 – Pseudonym Remaster
8/4/79 – 30th Anniversary Edition (Weedwacker)
6/30/80 – Liriodendron Remaster

Special thanks to Malygris, Eddie Edwards, Dadgad, Pernod, Winston, Grame, Sue Dounim, Weedwacker, Liriodendron and everyone else for providing and remastering all of these sources!

Hope you all enjoy!

PM me for a download link. :) 

Very up for a download link mate 😀

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