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June 24, 1972 Berkeley Mystery


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What is the deal with June 24, 1972?

I have always assumed there were no San Francisco area dates on the 1972 tour...however illogical that sounds considering how popular Led Zeppelin was in the Bay Area. No official 1972 U.S. tour information I have seen lists a June 24 date. It is always:

June 22: San Bernadino

June 23: San Diego

June 25: Inglewood

June 27: Long Beach

June 28: Tuscon

The official concert timeline on this forum does not list a Berkeley date for June 24. But Dave Lewis lists June 24, 1972 Berkeley in his Concert File book and just recently I noticed Wikipedia (yes, not the best source for factual information) listed June 24 Berkeley on their 1972 U.S. Tour page.

What gives? Berkeley September 14, 1971 is one of the great bootlegs of all-time. Certainly, if Led Zeppelin had played Berkeley in 1972 there would be audio evidence of such a show. Instead, nada.

So why do Dave Lewis and Wikipedia persist in claiming there was a June 24 Berkeley date on the 1972 tour?

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They did NOT play Berkeley on 6/24/72. They played TWO shows in Berkeley in September 1971, this being just eight months later Peter Grant may have elected not to play a Bay Area show to focus on the other major California markets instead. As a by the way, they were staying at the Continental Hyatt House on the Sunset Strip on 6/24/72. Jim Marshall photographed them walking around outside the hotel on that date, further proof they did not play a Bay Area show. 

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On 7/23/2019 at 1:02 AM, Strider said:

Like I said, no evidence of a Bay Area show in 1972 exists. So maybe someone should inform Dave Lewis and Simon Pallett.

It's not mentioned in his recent "Evenings With" book (which is much more detailed), so obviously a mistake. 

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