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I searched the forums but it kept coming up error, so I'll post it any way. I just pulled a 08 Caddy CST in at work to tint the windows on it ( to make a long story longer ) and it had factory XM radio in it. I was scrolling thru the stations and hit a channel that plays nothing but Zep :rolleyes: . Unbelievable. Suffice to say the sound system was awesome. I heard 'Nobodys fault', 'TSRTS', and 'Achilles Last Stand'. It was like hearing them for the first time. Sad to say at the height of my Zepdom C.D.s were not around so my library consisted of albums, and at the time I had a kick ass system. I'm sure this will cause a debate, but notning compares to CD. After 16 years of marriage and two sons Zep sorta took a back seat. But I was and will always be a hardcore fan. So I hear these songs, crank it up, and remembered all over again why. Its been awhile since I just sat back and really listened to the music. I did not want to get out of the car :( . I never thought that "Physical Graffitti" was one of Zep best :o (too long of songs, run-on leads) (just my opinion) (uh-oh another debate?) but when I heard 'Achilles Last Stand' it took me back to 7th grade, it was like I was transported back to my buddies bedroom listening to the album for the first time. So if you don't know about XM Zeppelin station (59), there it is. And in the process I found a long lost friend!

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