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George Hardie Signed Lithograph

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Hey guys,   I figured I would reach out here.  A while back, I inherited a mint condition George Hardie-signed lithograph of Led Zepplin with frame and certificate of authenticity.  I've been holding onto it for a while, and I think it might be time to sell it.  The certificate states there were 200 of these made.  Anybody have an insight into the valuation of these prints?  There is only one sale online that I can find and they have it valued at around $2700 USD.  https://pigflog.com/product/led-zeppelin-lithographic-print-signed-by-the-artist-george-hardie-1990-04-0558/ I have no idea if that's a realistic valuation, but I wanted to check with folks here before I try listing it on ebay. 

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I am familiar with this item. George Hardie produced these in association with Record Art in 1990, to coincide with the release of the Led Zeppelin Boxed Set. A total of about 10,000 prints were produced, with 200 signed AND sequentially numbered by George Hardie. In my opinion, it's likely to bring about $400-$600  if sold at auction as that's a little more than twice what an unnumbered print sells for.  

Interesting story about George, when he was promoting these prints in 1990 he mentioned he still had the original Led Zeppelin album cover he designed. He kept it in a safe inside a manila envelope labeled "G's Pension Fund". 😃 Unsure if he ever sold that.


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