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The Guns N' Roses/Velvet Revolver Thread


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And probably my favorite song off of Chinese Democracy: http://www.youtube.c...h?v=_S7Zw60KsuQ

Drunk, long time no see on the board. Axl's got it together again! As you can see, the world tour he originally intended to launch earlier this year will unfold in the months ahead, starting in the Pacific, across Canada and beyond. He is genuinely excited to have brought guitarist and songwriter Dj Ashba into the lineup and I can't wait for the tour to start next weekend.

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It's been awhile Steve, and I'm glad to also still see you here.

Axl is as great as he's always been, and the new band is fantastic. I was skeptical about DJ Ashba, until I went on youtube and saw him play. He's an extremely talented player with a lot of stage presence, plus he appears to be a well rounded, smart guy. I think he will bring a lot with him, and I'm excited to see him play.

I want to hear the new material played live, and I hope they play more of it. What did you think of Chinese Democracy?

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What did you think of Chinese Democracy?

I think Chinese Democracy is arguably a strong album overall, but unlike fine wine the excessive amount of time it took to make works against it, resulting in somewhat dated sound and material. In my opinion it has two truly exceptional songs, three great songs and eight average/unremarkable songs. Axl's unwillingness to promote it's release helped to ensure it would not enjoy the wider commercial success and acclaim one would have expected.

Chinese Democracy * * * *

Shackler's Revenge *

Better * * *

Street of Dreams * * * *

If The World * * * * *

There Was A Time * * *

Catcher In The Rye * *

Scraped * *

Riad n' The Bedouins * * *

Sorry * *

I.R.S. * * *

Madagascar * * * * *

This I Love * * * *

Prostitute * * *

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GUNS N' ROSES fans at Philadelphia's First Union Center began rioting after being told that the group were a no-show Friday night (Dec. 6, 2002)

About 14,000 people in the center were informed over the public address system at approximately 11:15 p.m. that a band member had fallen ill and the concert had been postponed.

The show by Axl Rose and his group was scheduled to begin at 9 p.m.

The opening acts for the evening, CKY and MIX MASTER MIKE, performed as scheduled, with the latter ending his appearance at around 9:15-9:30, according to eyewitness reports.

GUNS N' ROSES played in New York City's Madison Square Garden Thursday night. Tickets for that show sold out in 15 minutes with the other cities doing close to capacity business, according to the band's official web site.

The group are set to perform another Philadelphia date at First Union Center on Sunday, Dec. 8. It is not presently clear if that performance will go ahead as scheduled

The following first-hand account of the Philadelphia GN'R no-show was sent to BLABBERMOUTH.NET by Inter Sandman Chapter Head Zach Smith:

"I went to the GUNS N' ROSES show tonight at the First Union Center in Philly, it was sold out and everything. Well, I got there at around 8:30 and MIX MASTER MIKE was still on stage. He kept saying how GUNS N' ROSES would be on in a minute, yet never left the stage for another 30-45 minutes. Everyone started kidding around saying that Axl wouldn't show up again. Well, MIX MASTER MIKE ended at around 9:15-9:30. At 10, no sign of the show starting. Word was spreading that Axl hadn't arrived yet. Then we found out that the First Union Center had put a stop on all beer sales kind of odd for them to do so before the main act went on. So it got to be 10:30, and still no band - people were starting to see what was coming. In between every song that was being played, the booing got louder and louder, and chants of 'asshole' began that were really loud. At that point, you knew GUNS N' ROSES wouldn't be playing. Finally, when people saw the soundboard guys cover up their equipment, all hell broke loose. People started ripping binoculars off the seats and throwing them down on the floor, people were chucking their drinks and food at security around the stage as they took the equipment away, people rushed the stage, a fight broke out, folding chairs were turned into launching pads. An announcement FINALLY came on at around 11:15 saying that the show had been cancelled due to 'health reasons' and that tickets were valid whenever the show would be rescheduled. That really set people off, and chairs started flying at the soundboard and up on stage. It was not a pretty site. However, a good amount of people did leave and outside seemed to be quite calm in comparison to what was happening inside. There was a large police presence outside, but thankfully they were not instigating anything with angry fans. Who knows what happened, but I can tell you while I'm shocked, I'm certainly not surprised. I also think Philadelphia fans handled the situation quite well considering the circumstances and the past history with riots."

Welcome to the Jungle

Guns N' Roses cancel tour after fans riot -- Following Friday's chair-throwing fracas in Philadelphia prompted by Axl's no-show and the concert's last-minute cancellation, the band scraps the rest of its comeback tour

By Gary Susman Dec 09, 2002

The rest of Guns N' Roses' North American tour -- some 14 more dates between now and Jan. 3 -- will be scrapped, Interscope Records told MTV News on Monday. Interscope did not give a reason for the cancellation, and concert promoter Clear Channel offered no comment. On Friday, GN'R fans in Philadelphia had trashed the First Union Center arena when they found out just before showtime that the band wouldn't be appearing because frontman Axl Rose couldn't make it -- a reaction not unlike that of fans in Vancouver last month. Initially, the band responded to the Philly near-riot by canceling Sunday's show at another City of Brotherly Love venue. Interscope told MTV it didn't know why Rose failed to appear on Friday, though earlier reports had said the singer had taken ill. The 20,000 fans attending the concert didn't hear that Rose had called in sick and that the band wouldn't appear until nearly two hours had elapsed after the two opening acts had already performed, according to local TV station WCAU. At that point, the NBC affiliate reports, some of the fans began tearing up the seats and throwing them. Some 100 police officers quelled the riot without making any arrests, and several people were hospitalized.

The event came a month after what may have been an even more chaotic disturbance in Vancouver, when police had to use pepper spray to subdue the crowd after another Axl no-show, that one attributed to a flight delay. That Nov. 7 date was to have been the first show in the band's first North American tour in nine years. Instead, the tour began the next night in Tacoma, Wash., and continued without incident for 15 shows, through Thursday night's performance at New York's Madison Square Garden.

In the old days, fans also rioted occasionally at GN'R shows, most notoriously, in St. Louis in 1991, when Rose jumped into the audience in pursuit of a camera-wielding fan, effectively ending the concert.

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I've never been much of a G n'R fan. In fact, I dislike them and that's because people who listen to them always try to find a way to annoy me. I also can't stand Axl's personality, his voice and his attitude. And some of their overrated songs.

Every teenage girl drooling over Axl makes me want to pull my hair.

...Velvet Revolver is much better though. :D

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Izzy rules ruled! I love the old demo tapes they did for Appetite, that was great punk rock'n'roll. It all went downhill after that IMHO. Neither Velvet Revolver or Axl's G'n'R is of my interest. But they seem to create enough interest to keep going, and that's good for them and their fans.

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Guns n' Roses - Taipei, Taiwan Friday, December 11, 2009


1. Chinese Democracy

2. Welcome To The Jungle

3. It's So Easy

4. Mr Brownstone

5. If The World

6. Live and Let Die

7. Richard Fortus solo (James Bond Theme)

8. There Was A Time

9. Drumsolo

10. Bass solo

11. My generation with Tommy Stinson singing.

12. I.R.S.

13. Rocket Queen

14. Dizzy Reed Piano solo

15. Street of Dreams

16. DJ Ashba solo

17. Sweet Child O' Mine

18. Band Jam

19. November Rain

20. Bumblefoot guitar solo - Pink Panther

21. You Could Be Mine

22. Shacklers Revenge

23. Knocking On Heavens Door


24. This I Love (Dizzy on piano)

25. Band Jam

26. Better

27. Paradise City


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GN'R to unveil 'Chinese Democracy'

By Song Woong-ki

The Korea Herald

Legendary head bangers Guns N' Roses are set to take their Korean fans back to their salad days when they perform for the first time in Korea.

Bringing with him a new crop of musicians, the poster boy and icon of 80s metal Axl Rose - sans guitarist Slash - will hold the band's concert at Olympic Park Gymnasium in Seoul on Dec. 13 as part of the "Chinese Democracy" Asian tour.

Their latest record of course was 15 years in the making since the "Use your Illusion" albums and has been eagerly awaited by the band's legions of fans from all over the world.

For many, Guns N' Roses is a name that sparks nostalgic memories - especially for middle aged Korean men. After all, they got them through high school during many sleepless nights ahead of their university entrance exams.

It was during a time when rock fanatics had to record the band's international hits such as "Welcome to the Jungle," "Sweet Child o' mine," "Paradise City," and "November Rain" off the AFKN FM radio station on cassette tapes. Or it meant going on a scavenging mission to hunt through the flea-markets of the pre-renovated Cheonggye stream - since many of their songs were hit with government restrictions for racy lyrical content.

But more than that, the name Guns N' Roses is a name that doesn't just represent a band that redefined hard-rock.

It was a name that defined a generation when rock music sounded and felt like rock music.

Theirs was a pure unadulterated metal sound that represented the prototypical image and lifestyle of hedonism and rebellion - not the hybrid rock you hear today from bands that have taken influences from a wide spectrum of subgenres.

It was during a time when rock stars looked like rock stars with larger-than-life stage personas and a lifestyle drastically different from the average Joe.

One listen to their album, you knew what you were listening to.

Back in the 80s and early 90s Guns N' Roses or GN'R as they are sometimes called, was at the height of their popularity with a string of multi-platinum records like "Appetite for Destruction" and the two "Use your Illusion" albums.

Combined, they have sold over 100 million records worldwide, of which 43 million were in North America.

According to the band's Korean concert promoter Access Entertainment, "We've held many concerts over the years but the upcoming Guns N' Roses shows have gotten the most requests and inquiries here than any other." The company added "this will set the stage for those who became fans in the 80s and 90s as well as a new generation of fans to come together and enjoy the concert."

Formed in 1985 by members of Hollywood Rose and L.A. Guns, the two bands joined to form Guns N' Roses.

Since the formation, original founding members Tracii Guns and Ole Beich were replaced by guitarist Slash and bassist Duff McKagan.

The band ascended through the ranks by playing the club circuit all over Los Angeles, as all glam-rock and metal bands did back then.

With a growing reputation within the metal community for both their stage presentation and the quality of their music, the band continued gaining a loyal following.

But in the aftermath of fame and fortune came the inevitable decline and in-fighting that left one of the biggest metal bands in history in tatters.

Drug abuse was rampant among members and the clashing of egos between Rose and his band mates resulted in a slew of delays that led Slash and Duff McKagan to part ways with the band indefinitely.

The recording of "Chinese Democracy" has been reportedly in the works since 1994 and according to a report published in 2005 by the New York Times, an estimated $13 million had been spent by Rose during the production of the album - becoming the most expensive musical recording in history.

When the album hit shelves worldwide in late November of last year, critical reception was positive across the board with some critics hailing the return of Axl Rose and Guns N' Roses.

But the album sold 537,000 copies in North America and over 5 million worldwide - well below expectations.

Guns N' Roses last played live two years ago in the summer of 2007 in Mexico. For inquiries on tickets, contact (02) 3141-3488.

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I saw the footage online of the Taiwan show, and it was great. Axl was spot on and the rest of the band was too. It's going to be a great tour. There's no one like Axl Rose out there. They just don't make them like they used to......

And I am glad he knocked that paparazzi out.

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Looks like you had a great time! Maybe TCV have started something and great Rock and Roll will return unsure.gif

I had a blast and it is easily among the Top 10 concerts I've ever attended. I'm still drafting my review for a G n R forum. Suffice to say Axl Rose was mesmerizing and showed astonishing vocal range, while the pyrotechnics and staging is second to none. For anyone who loves Guns n Roses or hard rock in general - don't miss this tour!

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Rock Star Weekly (Canada)

Guns N' Roses Continue Asian Onslaught

The new Guns N' Roses are halfway through the first leg of the Chinese Democracy Asian Tour, with a couple Japanese concerts remaining. The band opened the tour in Taipei, Taiwan (Dec. 11) and continued on to Seoul, Korea on Dec. 13. The excitement of the tour has fans traveling the world to get the first glimpses of the band as the tour to support the 2008 CD Chinese Democracy. The band performed in Korea for the first time in their 24 year career and plans are already in the works to bring GNR to South America in 2010, after a round of 13 Canadian dates. There are no US dates announced yet.

The setlists so far have been different for each show, but contain a good number of Chinese Democracy selections and a nice blend of classic tracks. The title track has served as the opening cut of each show and would be a suitable opener for the entire tour.

"Seoul, Korea! Very good to be here with you tonight, thank you for havin' us!' lead vocalist Axl Rose told the Korean crowd. "Come on, tell me the truth, you didn't think I was coming, did you?"

Fans of both generations of GNR should be pleased with the song selections we've seen so far as most of the hits from the past and present are being performed, including Sweet Child O Mine, You Could Be Mine, Street Of Dreams and Paradise City. Reports from the press and from the fans are saying that the band sounds better than ever. Band members Richard Fortus (guitar), Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal (guitar) DJ Ashba (guitar), Tommy Stinson (bass) and Dizzy Reed (keyboards) have been given their chance to do solo numbers at each show.

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal took a moment to check in with RockStar Weekly as he arrived in Japan for the second half of the Asian tour:

"Heeeey, just got to Osaka - the last two shows were such a pleasure, feels damn good to be back on the road," Bumblefoot told RockStar Weekly. "It's all a blur, and I like keeping it that way, only thinking about the next show, not the last show. But ya move ahead with a feeling that something special was shared in each place, makes it feel like coming home any time ya return. Now I have that connection to Taipei and Seoul that will always be there. It's the warmth and kindness of everyone there, they made it special, I can't thank them enough... looking forward to playing Osaka and Tokyo again this week, and starting off 2010 with Canada - see y'all soon! "

Next up on the Chinese Democracy Tour is Osaka, Japan on Dec. 16.


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Watch: GNR perform 'Sweet Child O' Mine' in Seoul

By Michael Roffman on December 15th, 2009

Consequence of Sound.net

If you've been following all the hoopla surrounding Guns n' Roses current international tour, you'll know that Axl Rose still knows how to cause a scene, the band's changed up the set list drastically, and yes, Axl has dropped the braids. But, what you probably don't know, despite reports from the Korea Times, is that the new Guns sound really, really good, too. In fact, if you weren't looking at 'em, you'd swear it was the old band sleazing it up.

Two nights ago in Seoul, Axl & Co. jumped right into a flawless performance of "Sweet Child o' Mine", and one fan snagged it all. Shot with an HD camera, the video captures the band in top form. Everything looks solid here. Axl's running around hitting every note, even donning the trademark bandana, new guitarist DJ Ashba looks like a hipper Slash (Check out the hat!), and drummer Frank Ferrer slams each beat with both precision and joy. If you look closely, you'll also notice one Tommy Stinson giving it all he's got on the bass, swinging around and around as if he's having the time of his life. Probably because he is.

It's hard to take this band seriously, especially given the mythos surrounding 'em, but if things continue like this, it's going to be hard to avoid buying a ticket. Bonnaroo? Rothbury? Fingers crossed, actually. Yes, fingers crossed.

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